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Laima, Chicago IL


Linita Creations is my favorite site to buy wonderful unique and exquisite jewelry. Lina, the owner of this site is gifted, talented designer. Every time I wear jewelry made by her I have remarkable comments, everybody loves her work, because it's art made from heart with deep passion. Thank you Lina and very soon I will be updating my jewelry collection from your site.



Kate, Vernon Hills IL


I have the privilege of owning several custom pieces from Linita Collection. Each piece is unique and all the gems are of extraordinary color and quality. The craftsmanship is impeccable and comfortable to wear.  Every time I put on any one of Linita Creations pieces I receive multitude of compliments. Thank you Lina for making me look beautiful and distinctive!  




Tatiana, Wauconda IL

I purchased my first piece from Linita Creations and I love it .The stone and the setting are beautiful. What really surprised me was the comfort of the ring I went hours without even knowing I had it on! It is incredibly comfortable for such a statement ring. Good job Lina!


Julia, Vernon Hils IL


I have purchased several jewelry items from Linita Creation in a past couple years. I would like to express my appreciation of unique pieces I bought. From wine glass decorative rings, made with beautiful semi-precious stones, to earrings, necklaces, scarf holder, amazing clothes pins. Every item gorgeous! I also was able to select jewelry made with my birth stones and this make every piece I possess meaningful. Greatly recommended if you are looking to enhance your energy and have a desire to stand out with your individualized style! There are no duplicates.
Passion of the designer is evident in every single creation.


Lubov, Wauconda IL

I watched Lina working… she is a true artist… from little tiny pieces of metal and stones she creates a masterpiece - right in front of you in a matter of minutes. I asked her: How did you make this ring with all swirls? Can you show me again – and Lina laughed –I just did it, she said, just wrap the wire around the stone –that’s simple… I have several of these “simple” beauties –a set of turquoise earrings, ring and bracelet; green amethyst earrings which for unknown reason match with any color outfit; Swarovski earrings and cocktail ring – each and every piece of Lina’s jewelry is a Statement, attracts attention and brings questions: Oh, WOW! Where did you get this set? You know the answer:



Tatiana, Chisinau

Украшения и бижутерия, могут придать изюминку любому образу. Они расскажут о своей хозяйке многое, поэтому их дизайн и стиль имеют большое значение.

Дизайнер Linita Creations в своей коллекции украшений создала самый настоящий лес. Все это нашло отражение в кулонах, подвесках, кольцах с различными камнями насыщенных оттенков осеннего леса: зелёный, фиолетовый, красный, жёлтый и чёрный.

Стильные аксессуары от Linita Creations для самых взыскательных модниц покоряют своей изысканностью, высоким вкусом и эксклюзивностью.

Я с огромным удовольствием ношу эти украшения - они придают мне элегантность и шарм....



Inna, St. Petersburg

Серьги и подвеску мне подарила подруга! Я не фанат бижутерии, привыкла носить изделия из серебра и золота.

Но увидев изделия LC, мне захотелось все!!!!!! Теперь это мой самый любимый праздничный набор, тем более,  сделан моей дорогой подругой. Вся теплота ее души в этих изделиях!!!!!  Модные цвета камней, необычный дизайн-все это изделия LC. Спасибо!!!!!!!!!


Sonia , Beer-Sheva

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